Day 7

Tough day today. Had to stop so many times to clear weed I think maybe I should carry a compost bin, by the time I get back I’d have a decent amount for Linda’s allotment. Once I got to Wellingborough I went shopping, some food (Tescos) some rope, superglue and a big plumbing nut to … Read more »

Day 17 – Weed (again)

After yesterday’s lock marathon (some people run 26 mile, I operate 25 locks) I was looking forward to an easier day. The Birmingham Level Main Line is wide and flat. It was built by Telford to straighten out the old Brindley designed canal. It’s typical Telford, deep wide cuttings, straight lines and monumental bridges. At … Read more »

Day 7 – Wet Again

It started raining again about 8.30 last night and was still raining this morning. I got all dressed up in several layers of warm clothes topped off with waterproofs and boots and set off. Wellingborough was only one lock away from last night’s stop. There’s a riverside park with sanitary facilities for emptying boat loos, … Read more »