Day 6

I think I mentioned previously that there were six manually operated locks on the Nene, and EA had a plan to electrify one per year starting 2020. Obviously that didn’t happen. I did three of them yesterday, and FOUR more today. The extra one is illustrated, the electric drive mechanism at Titchmarsh lock is lying … Read more »

Day 5

It all looked very miserable yesterday afternoon when I stopped in the rain, but a lot brighter this morning so I took a load of photos. A very good day today, the electrics are holding up so I’m typing this after 21.00 with the lights on and the fridge running. The sun shone most of … Read more »

Day 4

It was all going so well, but I think the Nene hates me as much as I hate it. Went to bed last night as soon as it went dark to save electric so was up early. Early moring sun alreadys starting to add a few decimal points to the voltage. Put the Bara Brith … Read more »

Day 2

Woke early, 05.30 but bleary-eyed thought it was 06.30 so got up. Enough volts in the battery to run the radiio so heard the 5.30 timecheck but too late to go back to bed. Pumped enough water for washing, teeth cleaning and tea. And for washing up after breakfast, all quite civilised. Forgot to mention … Read more »

Day 1

Well, here we go then. Left Kelpie about 09.30 and nothing much to report. Quite a few boats out including loads of canoes, kayaks and paddleboards. Plenty of rubber dingies and little day boats scudding about. At one lock, I forget which, there was a woman in a little boat with 5 kids from about … Read more »