Cockpit Roof (12)

Finishing details are taking an age, I’ve made a bit of progress with the draught proofing, fitting an aluminium strip to the side of the roof frame to cover the edge of the side window. Need to do a lot more, and fit latches to hold the roof down. Meanwhile, when the weather has put … Read more »

Cockpit Roof (11)

Finally fixed the aluminium to the frame this morning. Used up some old silicone sealant left over from various previous jobs and stainless steel screws from my favourite boat chandlers (Ebay). I haven’t weighed the roof but judging by the difficulty I had lifting the old one off and putting the new one on I’d … Read more »

Cockpit Roof(10)

The aluminium sheet is 1.5mm thick, too thick for long cuts cut with tinsnips. 1mm would have been easier to handle but I worried it would sag between the frames, especially if/when someone leans on it. Fortunately I have an old B&D jig saw so I fitted a metal cutting blade to that to cut … Read more »

Cockpit Roof (9)

I collected my aluminium sheets on Wednesday (April 28) and have been working on them since. I’ve glued the first part of a two piece joint strip to the central stringer and as you can see here clamped the edge of the aluminium to it. Then I drilled a row of holes (150mm spacing) along … Read more »

Cockpit Roof (8)

No photos because it doesn’t look much different but the framework is finished and I’ve collected the aluminium sheet to clad it. Just hope the weather is nice and I can get on. Meanwhile I’ve replaced one of the cabin side panels and put a registration number and ‘Seren’ on the side. Have to turn … Read more »

Cockpit Roof (6)

I took a new photo of the starboard stringer today showing how it bends and changes from being edge on at the rear to flat at the front. Since taking the photo I’ve fitted a block between the two stringers shown here. And made a matching stringer for the port side. This roller is mounted … Read more »

Cockpit Roof (4)

Outboard of the main roof beam are a couple of extension pieces joined by aluminium strips inside and out. The first iteration had GRP cut out to fit around the hand rail but just like the original roof it cracked. Bottom right you can see another roller fitted to the outer section of the beam. … Read more »