Day 4

It was all going so well, but I think the Nene hates me as much as I hate it. Went to bed last night as soon as it went dark to save electric so was up early. Early moring sun alreadys starting to add a few decimal points to the voltage. Put the Bara Brith … Read more »

End of week 1

Well I have another tip to add to my piece on solo boating, carry more oil. But we’ll come to that. Another bright sunny morning so I was awake at 06.00 and set off just after 07.00 thinking that if it was really hot again I’d have a nice long siesta after lunch. I’d moored … Read more »

Day 5 and a photo-op

Another chilly but beautiful morning.  Eldest daughter and family planned to catch up with me somewhere between Oundle and Thrapston. By lunchtime we’d agreed Titchmarsh Lock would be good. My print out from EA says there will be great welcome for visitors. What it doesn’t say is that visitors arriving by car can’t get past … Read more »