Just had a very useful meeting with Dave Cawley of Denbighshire Enterprise Agency about provision of training for SMEs on Open Source software. Basic idea is that start-ups don’t need to buy a PC with Vista + Office on when a cheap machine from their local shop and a Ubuntu CD, plus a little training from me would be cheaper, more reliable and better for the local economy. Need a business plan next…

Open Office 3

Today’s Beginners’ Linux page features Open Office 3. Since writing it I’ve discovered a snag.

Normally I rely on KDE’s ‘Save Current State’ feature so that when I boot my PC in the morning it opens all the stuff I was working on when I shut it down the night before. Normally it works like a dream but this morning I found I’d lost all the Open Office work I did yesterday despite several saves, autosave and a backup on my file server. It seems that the new version of OO which I installed manually isn’t integrated into KDE properly so it reverts to the version that was saved last time Open Office was shut down maually. Fortunately it wasn’t much work, I spent most of the day researching not writing!