Day 5

It all looked very miserable yesterday afternoon when I stopped in the rain, but a lot brighter this morning so I took a load of photos. A very good day today, the electrics are holding up so I’m typing this after 21.00 with the lights on and the fridge running. The sun shone most of … Read more »

Day 7 – Wet Again

It started raining again about 8.30 last night and was still raining this morning. I got all dressed up in several layers of warm clothes topped off with waterproofs and boots and set off. Wellingborough was only one lock away from last night’s stop. There’s a riverside park with sanitary facilities for emptying boat loos, … Read more »

Day 5 – Still wet

And frustrating. There’s a rule on the Nene that locks should be left with the top gates and paddles shut and the bottom (guillotine) gate open, ie up. That should mean anyone heading upstream like me can cruise straight into a lock. Unfortunately someone had been before me and not followed the rule so the … Read more »