Medical Devices

Long ago I was in the St John Ambulance, as were my father, grandfather and my kid brother. Biology was my favourite science at school and if I’d been smart enough I’d have liked to have gone into medicine. Now I seem to be a regular contributor to writing mostly about medical IT and other technical stuff. Here’s a selection.

Medical Device and Pharmaceutical supply chain management.

Logistics, Asset Management and Traceability

Silicon Valley Effect

The next one is about intra and inter-hospital data transfer, making sure patients’ details from many different departments and different establishments are available to the medics that need to know,

Medical Devices

Since the spring I’ve been writing for Net Resources International. They publish online briefings for a wide range of industries and services. I’m not an expert in any of them, but all these organisations use IT so I often get to write the IT related pieces. The latest is for MedicalDevice-Network and you can read it here.