Kubuntu 8.10

Finally got around to re-installing Kubuntu, and tried the AMD 64 option for the first time in about two years, and it’s not bad. The re-installation has cleared up most of the glitches I got with the earlier upgrade, whether that’s due to clearing out old config files or the result of having a 64 bit OS I don’t know, but KDE 4 is actually pretty good when it works properly. I gave up on 64 bit last time because I could get Flash or Java to work which pretty much ruled out about 50% of the web, now Flash works and although JRE doesn’t, there is an IcedTea plugin instead. So far so good.

Intrepidly going

I’ve just upgraded Kubuntu 8.04 to 8.10 using the distro upgrade tool rather than re-installing, there were one or two issues with unsupported software I’d installed manually in 8.04, but only SK1 remains unresolved. KDE 4 is big on eye-candy but a resource hog so I’ve switched off the ‘effects’ and it’s a lot more responsive. When I have time (huh?) I’ll re-install from scratch to see if it’s better. Meanwhile, looking good.