Back to business, we’ve finished moving stuff and got the house sorted. The office is functional the server is running and online, I got my accounts sorted in time for HMRC deadline day and I’ve no excuse for not touting for more work. But first, need to post some recent samples from Diesel Car magazine. Read more »


Ofcom’s annual report is out, but knowing that most people, even most tech jouralists wouldn’t read it they sent out a media release featuring some simplistic quotes. The one that got all the attention was a bizarre claim that 6 year-olds are more tech savvy than 45 year olds. To make things even more contentious … Read more »

Medical Devices

Since the spring I’ve been writing for Net Resources International. They publish online briefings for a wide range of industries and services. I’m not an expert in any of them, but all these organisations use IT so I often get to write the IT related pieces. The latest is for MedicalDevice-Network and you can read … Read more »

Net Resources International

Yet another outlet for my work, Net Resources International. They publish (online) a series of industry newsletters for a wide range of trades. I’ve written pieces for and, not as disparate as you might think, both were on IT related matters. Now I have commissions for, and another piece. Once … Read more »


“I seriously believe that the people who brought us sub-prime loans all moved to promoting cloud computing.” No, not me some bod on TechRepublic. The thing no-one seems bothered to address is, bandwidth. I’ve tried Googledocs and Aviary (graphics apps online) and neither work sensibly here especially in the evenings or weekends. The web is … Read more »

Digital Britain? Bah Humbug!

One in an occasional series of pieces rejected by various publishers… Digital Britain (…or get your finger out minister) If there is one thing politicians like even more than talking about doing something, it’s having their civil servants put out a press release about them planning on talking about doing something1. So much easier than … Read more »