New Doors (5)

Final touch to the doors, fitted bolts top and bottom and a handle to pull them shut. The handle is an old brass antique from the depths of my shed. Some of the stuff in there came from my father’s shed (and some of that from his father’s) and some from my father-in-law’s garage (and some of that was from his father!) So it’s anyone’s guess how old it is but it looks OK cleaned up.

Made a start on paneling the rear bulkhead. The GRP isn’t flat but slightly curved just to make life complicated. The actual panels will be 5mm ply, you can see a small part at the bottom of the photo above. I’m gluing strips of hardwood to the GRP and will glue most of the panels to that. Some will be screwed though so they can be removed to give access to water and fuel pipes and to the bolts that hold the rear deck frame.

The dark grey stuff is 6mm foam. On top will be a layer of ‘silver bubble-wrap’.

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