Mini 9 -intosh!

I just got a new toy, a refurbed Dell Mini 9 for £164 from NDC. It was supposed to come with Linux, but due to a cock up arrived with WinXP installed. NDC offered to take it back but I was too anxious to play with it, so I installed the latest Ubuntu (9.04) and Mac4Lin. I’ve blogged about Mac4Lin before here, but I’m amazed how well it runs on a lttle netbook and how usable it is.

Mini 9-intosh (& an espresso)
Mini 9-intosh (& an espresso)

The Mini 9 seems robust, the keyboard is surprisingly usable with decent sized alpha-numeric keys, though some of the others such as Tab, Enter, Back etc are fiddly. The middle row of letters are used with a Fn key for F1, F2 etc. WiFi works with no hassle at all and the graphics system runs Compiz so you can have wobbly windows and essentially for Mac4Lin, the AWN dock. Built-in webcam works too, though strangely there is no built-in mic and I’m struggling at the moment to use an external one with Skype…

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