Lockdown 2

I don’t promise to write every day, we’re on day 3 already, but here goes. Wednesday, Lockdown -1 we had dinner at Sarah’s, probably the last well see of them this month, maybe the next one too. Thursday; it begins. I’ve decided, at least until I get stopped by the Police, that driving solo to Kelpie Marine to work on Seren counts as my outdoor exercise.

I spent a couple of hours there, moved Seren round to a more sheltered mooring in ‘the backwater’ with a better landing stage which should make it easier to work on her over the winter. Just starting the engine and casting off had me yearning to get away, it’s going to be a long winter.

Drained down the hot water system and put the last few cc of anti-freeze from last year’s bottle in the cooling system.

Thursday afternoon the replacement O rings for the shower at home arrived unexpectedly so I spent a frustrating hour fitting them. Then realised I’d left my plumbing tools on Seren so couldn’t refit the valve. Anyway, it was time to start dinner. Pumpkin Biryani! Got to use up Linda’s allotment produce somehow.

Friday, Lockdown +2. Drop Linda off at the allotment and returned to Seren. Bought some more anti-freeze on the way and topped up the header tank with it. Ran the engine for a while to make sure the battery was OK and (hopefully) to circulate the antifreeze. Took the plumbing tools back home.

Discovered that the rubber washers I’d bought to connect the shower valve body back to its pipes had gone walkabout. Searched all the likely, and several unlikely, places then decided to leave it until Linda came home, she’s good at finding things.

But not this time so after lunch get more washers from Tysoe’s in the square. Fitted the valve body OK but the valve itself is round and fits in a round hole so there’s no way of telling it’s in the right place. There’s a plate to hold it in place that also restricts the rotation of the control handle to about 90° but if the valve isn’t right to start with… After some fiddling it seems OK though the control handles are not as they were previously. We’ll see tomorrow morning.

Lamb hotpot for dinner. Feeling really tired and/or depressed.

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