Lockdown 2 (day 3)

Nice to have a shower again, the on/off control works backwards though and the temp control isn’t ideal either, it turns about 120° with 110° being hot>unbearable and only 10° to switch from cold>OK. Don’t really fancy taking it out again but if Linda can’t manage it I might have to. I hope it will survive until we have the bathroom refitted, though in the current situation that could be well into next year.

Cold but bright morning, Linda off to the allotment and I’m feeling positive so decided to work in the shed make the starboard windows for Seren’s cockpit. I realised last week I’d forgotten that the centre (mullion?) needs narrower timber. It’s actually split and hinged so would look too fat if both pieces were the same width as the outer frame. After some checks I came up with a cunning plan to rectify it without too much work or wasted wood. Then made a balls of it. Dejected, gave up and went inside to drink coffee and read.

Made rough-puff pastry and converted remains of last night’s hotpot into Cornish-ish pasties for lunch. Cooking cheers me up when it goes right. But then, so does DIY when it goes right. Things going wrong are the problem.

I’ve done all I can for the new GOBA website at the moment, and it looks like Greg has sorted the database. Maybe we can do some proper testing and work out exactly how John (treasurer) and Greg (web admin) and I (membership sec) are going to use it.

Time to check BP* etc to keep the doc happy then make bolognese or similar for dinner.

*130/71. Guess I’ll live a while longer.

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