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For some reason we have a group called Llangollen Enterprise where just about any other town would have a Chamber of Trade, and most people have no idea what it does. So when it announced an extraordinary meeting and billed it as a kind of re-launch I went along. Seems I’m a member now, odd because I’m not really a joiner of things. I recognised a few faces, it’s mostly shop keepers, hoteliers and B&B owners, but you never know who needs some words putting into a coherent sequence for their PR, website, whatever so might be useful.

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    […] Finally, back to James. He sent the photos in an email forwarded from the photographer, Andrew Gale. Andrew runs Dogsdinner Productions and his family owns Gale’s Wine Bar, my favourite restaurant in Llan, just across the road from Cornerstones. Oh, and Andrew is a member of the the Llangollen Enterprise (See previous post). […]

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