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Writing for Biofuels International I spend a lot of time phoning and emailing the US, Asia and various European countries. The latest topic though (processing biomass) gave me scope to check out local industry make some new business acquaintances. First, James Rigby of Tree Contractors. James lives at Cornerstones B&B (his wife runs it) but runs his own business. I had him and his gang cut down some trees on our land a couple of years ago but they generally do much bigger jobs and run the biggest portable woodchipper in the UK, the Bandit Beast. I had a chat with James and he agreed to send some photos.

Next, Clifford Jones Timber of Rhuthun (or Ruthin). They make fencing, gates, decking, log cabins. Pretty much any kind of outdoor woodwork. They have made briquettes from waste for some years and sold them as ‘Blazers Fuel Logs‘ (and under several own-brand labels in DIY stores / Garden Centres, but this year they opened a new plant to make pellets for central heating boilers so I went to see that in operation.

Pellet Mill at Clifford Jones
Pellet Mill at Clifford Jones

Most impressive feature of the whole operation is that there is no waste. All their waste wood, even the sawdust is used in pelleting. Some of the woodchip is used to fuel the dryer to dry the chip for pelleting. Bark is shredded and sold to parks and garden centres.

I took some photos, (this is one of mine) but got better ones from Eye Imagery who had taken the PR shots for the plant opening that I could use in the magazine piece. Eye Imagery is local too, based in Wrexham.

Next day I went to Richard Smalley International based in (of all places) Glynceiriog. ‘Glyn’ as people in ‘Llan’ know it is a modest village in the next valley. In fact ‘Glyn’ means valley and the Ceiriog is the river that runs through it so Glyn Ceiriog is both the valley and the village at its centre. The same happens here, Llangollen is in the Dee valley, Glyn Dyfrdwy in Welsh, and Glyndyfrdwy is the name of a village upstream from here.

Anyway, back to the plot, it’s not the place where you’d expect to find an international engineering company. Richard Smalley and wife Anne, run the company from a small office in their garden. They have several staff, some work in the same office, others at an assembly plant on the outskirts of Chirk.

Biochip 50 Wood Harvester I went to talk about their new product a combine harverster for forestry that can crop small trees chip them and pack the chips in bags for easy delivery. They are still building the prototype, but it’s based on several existing products so it shouldn’t present too many problems. No photos as yet but click the header above to get a nice big drawing of it.

Finally, back to James. He sent the photos in an email forwarded from the photographer, Andrew Gale. Andrew runs Dogsdinner Productions and his family owns Gale’s Wine Bar, my favourite restaurant in Llan, just across the road from Cornerstones. Oh, and Andrew is a member of the the Llangollen Enterprise (See previous post).

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