Llangollen International Eisteddfod

About a month ago I went for a pre-op assessment at Luton & Dunstable Hosp. The first people I met filled me in on what to expect and asked if I had any questions. The only one that came to mind was, ‘will I be able to go to the Eisteddfod?’ We’d had tickets for some of the evening shows since 2020 when it was cancelled due to Covid, then cancelled again in 2021.

The response was sort-of positive, ‘It’s good to have a target, a positive attitude will really hel your recovery.’ But the glance that passed between them hinted at, ‘he’ll be lucky.’ Which made me more determined. So here we are:

If you haven’t heard of the Eisteddfod, and most people in England haven’t despite it attracting competitors from all over the world, then do check out https://international-eisteddfod.co.uk . This year it is a bit shorter than usual with fewer competitors due to travel restrictions and some who were due to appear have had to cancel at the last minute when singers and dancers caught Covid. And as usual UK Immigration and Border Force have cocked up visas and turned groups back because their stupid officers don’t believe foreigners trying to go to an event they can’t pronounce in a Welsh town they’ve have never heard of. We hope it will be back to full strength next year.

And for my next challenge, the Bedford River Festival. It’s bi-annual, we went by car in 2018 and I intended to take my boat (Seren) in 2020. Like the Eisteddfod it was cancelled but my booking for a berth on the river has been rolled forward. The show features just about everything you can do on a river as well as a fair, food stalls, assorted other attractions on the embankment and riverside park. It’s open the weekend 23/4th July but boats can arrive from Thursday lunchtime. It’s about 1½ days by boat from where I moor Seren. I’ll set off Wed and take it easy. Watch this space. Actually watch the next space, you know how blogs work.

If you’ve come to this blog recently and not heard about Seren, scroll down.

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