I haven’t posted for a (long) while but many (OK, two) people have asked how the greenhouse roof will fit so here’s an update.

Bare-bones of the structure

Our downsized house has a small garden, made even smaller by a previous owner extending the house. For serious gardening Linda has an allotment but she wanted a greenhouse at home to raise plants for the allotment, and to grow tomatoes and other exotic fruit. The only suitable space is in the corner between the garden wall and extension. The idea is the shaded part behind the extension will be her potting shed and the exposed bit, which faces south will be used for raising plants. The total size is about 4m x 1.7m.

Frame finished and roof on

There were a lot of constraints on the design:

  1. It shouldn’t be higher than the extension roof line.
  2. Or the garden wall
  3. The slope of the roof should match the existing shed between house and garden wall so the greenhouse abuts it.
  4. It had to fit onto the retaining wall for the garden.

Front View

So here we have it. Still not finished, I’ve put in six of the 14 panes of glass so far (not shown in the photos), and I have to make opening lights for the top section to provide ventilation.

And below is a detail of the roof showing how it fits around the buttress. Badly with lots of silicon sealer.

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