General Interest

Trade magazines, online briefings and company websites are my main interest but over the last few years I’ve contributed technical pieces to various magazines and websites:

Greeergy TruckContributoria was an online journalism site which encouraged collaborative working. Writers posted drafts which could be seen by other contributors, but not the public, and commented upon. Work could go through many drafts taking the comments into account, or not. The finalized versions were published at the beginning of each month. Here’s one I wrote about biofuels. (PDF)

Unfortunately the site closed a while ago.


I’ve written several for Canal Boat magazine, but I don’t have the publisher’s PDFs, these are scans of a single page only. Contact me for the full original text.

Steam Boats
Traditional Skills Training
Beware, scanned pages make big files, about 18MB.



Two for Diesel Car about biodiesel including this one about how McDonalds processes old chipfat into fuel for its trucks.





terraceI’ve always done DIY and sometimes it verges on serious woodwork, so I wrote this one up for Good Woodworking. – (Beware, scanned PDF file so big download – 15MB)

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