I’m not an engineer, but I trained as a Design & Technology teacher specialising in Engineering and taught Technology and Electronics before moving into the software industry.That background together with a lifelong interest in anything technical gives me the ability to take quite complex technical issues and render them comprehensible to other people.

EDITORS – Trade Mags

Writing for the technical trade magazines requires a certain amount of technical know-how, and the ability to write interesting copy. Not a lot of people have both, and some copy from companies’ engineers can be very dull. Contact me for a more interesting version.

EDITORS – General

Every one of your readers uses technology, but very few want to read a technical report on it. On the other hand many journalists without a technical background struggle to produce copy that is technically accurate and tend to focus on the shininess and cost, or go overboard on the scaremongering. Contact me for an accurate but interesting story.

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