I’ve always built things, made things, mended things because I can, because I like doing it (most of the time) and because I never have enough money to pay other people to do it for me. Then it occurred to me to write about it.

In 2006 I knocked a hole in my office wall and installed french windows onto the terrace. Not content with that I wanted proper french shutters too. So I made them and half-way through the job I thought maybe it would make a project for a DIY magazine.

Many, many pitches later it was eventually taken up by Good Woodworking (Issue 190) Since then I’ve written a couple more pieces (Issues 206, 207) and as soon as I get my workshop sorted, there will be more.


Home Wiring
I’ve written a couple of books for GMC Publications. about Plumbing and Wiring. The wiring one takes account of recent changes to UK wiring regulations and is designed to reassure householders that it is still legal to do-it-yourself, providing you do-it-right.


The Office

I’m building an office in the garden and keeping a record here. Maybe one day it will turn into a ‘How to Build an Office in the Garden’ book? See here.

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