Decking Seren (Part3)

I shouldn’t be so cynical, Amazon is still not my favourite retailer but Dino Decking is OK. It’s taking a long time though due to delays caused by weather, family commitments and laziness.

Framework for the new deck

The framework is made from Dino’s joist material. As you can see from the end nearest the camera it is rectangular with two almost square holes running through it. That makes it tricky to join so I made hardwood plugs to fit into the ends and glued and screwed them using Gorilla Glue and stainless steel screws. More glue and screws fixed the frame to the GRP superstructure.

I’m doing the decking now but that has been complicated by having to fit the gas locker on the port side of the deck and run the gas pipe under the deck and into the cabin on the starboard side. Three planks fit from cabin to transom then two cunningly shaped ones will overhang at the stern and stretch right across to the transom corners to make getting on/off as easy as possible. I’ll post more soon.

During the recent rainy season I’ve been getting on panelling the ‘wetroom’. There’ll be a post on that too when it’s finished.

Looks like the trip to Llangollen will start Tuesday 4th or Wednesday 5th of June…

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