Day 7

Tough day today. Had to stop so many times to clear weed I think maybe I should carry a compost bin, by the time I get back I’d have a decent amount for Linda’s allotment. Once I got to Wellingborough I went shopping, some food (Tescos) some rope, superglue and a big plumbing nut to use as a washer on the propshaft (B&Q) and some split pins (Halfords). They are all on the same retail park and all big with enormous car parks and dual carriageways. Not ideal for an old codger walking and carrying a rucksack.

Once back I managed to get the split pin out of the nut/shaft but cannot get the nut off as the end of the shaft is burred (I think, I couldn’t actually see through the cloudy water.) Eventually I gave that up and just tightened the nut as much as possible, but then couldn’t get the pin in as the nut had moved further up the shaft. Still with the burred shaft it won’t fall off.

I phoned White Mills Marina to ask if they have an engineer on site. They don’t but they do have a good relationship with a mobile boat engineer who often works on boats at White Mills. Phoned him and arranged to meet him at 11.00 tomorrow, at White Mills. Bit of a slog after that, five locks and many more stops for weeds. At least the stops gave me chance to check the prop nut, I don’t think it’s moved at all. Three of the locks around Wellingborough are conventional canal-style locks, Ditchford has a curved guillotine that rotates up rather than sliding vertically. Could be because it’s quite deep and a straight guillotine would need a VERY high tower.

White Mills is a very civilised place to stop, I think I stopped here on every trip. £12 overnight inc water, Elsan, bins, showers. £5 worth of tokens for the washing machine and dryer. And 50p for an ice lolly because I ‘m worth it.

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