Day 5

Wansford Station on NVR (Spot Thomas the Tank Engine)

It all looked very miserable yesterday afternoon when I stopped in the rain, but a lot brighter this morning so I took a load of photos.

A very good day today, the electrics are holding up so I’m typing this after 21.00 with the lights on and the fridge running. The sun shone most of the day and I did 11 locks, three of them with the horrible flywheel mechanism.

Flywheel operated guillotine gate

I think there are six locks still without electric motors on the Nene. Apparently the wheels are safer than windlasses because they don’t fly off and smash your wrist when the gate runs away, which they mostly do at some point. It’s very gratifying to stand back and let the wheel spin, but you pay for it later when you have haul the gate up again. On Nene locks the guillotines are on the bottom end and have to be left open when you leave. Going up as I am that makes for an easy approach but leaving is a nuisance.

I stopped Oundle Marina to join Friends of the River Nene which is somewhat like GOBA and operates several moorings for members. I didn’t really intend to do 11 locks but Peartree Farm (a FOTRN mooring) is the first stopping place after Oundle. So here we are.

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