Day 4

It was a beautiful morning, crisp clear and not a breath of wind, though there was a chill breeze later. I did a few chores and checked oil and water and set off about 08.30.

According to Canal Plan there are 6 locks and 16 miles to the recommended stop below Perio lock. By lock 6 I was tired and ready to stop. Ilooked for moorings below the next lock but couldnt find anything. Checked the sign board, ‘Warmington Lock’, turns out there are 7. And just to rub it in Warmington is hand operated and takes about a thousand turns to close. Even then it leaks so whereas every other lock today I just opened 1 paddle, this time I had to walk round and open both. Then wind the guillotine open again because Nene locks are suuposed to be left with the bottom (guillotine) gate open.

I didn’t make it to Perio, there are moorings below Fotheringhay Castle. They charge £5a night but today was hard.

I walked to the village pub ‘The Falcon’. Nice beer but very pricey food. Hope this posts OK, very internet connection here. We’ll see…

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