Day 34

Sometimes I moan about too many locks but today I had a long drag with none at all and was almost glad to have to pass a few lift bridges to break up the trip. There’s an odd thing about Llangollen Canal lift bridges, they have the landing stage on the opposite side to the lifting gear, which makes single-handed operation a challenge.

Heading East Into The Morning Sun

I turned on to the Ellesmere arm out of curiosity, it’s only about half a mile long and ends in a wharf with some old canal company buildings, one of which has been converted/extended for Tesco. Stopped for lunch somewhere near Bettisfield (I think). The local cattle were not amused.

What you doin’ in my canal?

Shortly after that came the Grindly Brook Locks, a three-lock stair case (assisted by a CRT Lock Keeper) then three single locks. Then Povey’s Lock and I’d had enough, I stopped just before Wileymoor lock, where according to my map there is a pub. I might verify that later.

While I’ve been typing this four ABC Hire boats have passed at stupid speeds bouncing me and Seren about. I feel an email coming on.

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