Day 33 – The Return

The final concert and finale of the Choir of the World and Dance Champions were on Saturday night, so Sunday marks the beginning of the end of my trip. There was no internet connection at Frankton where I stopped so I’m writing this a day later.

Linda and Gill came to see me off, but whilst they were at the basin an old friend, Anita, called Linda about arranging to meet. In the end I waited until about 11.30 for Anita, husband Phil and a couple of Scots who were staying with them to meet me at the basin and do the tricky narrow section out of Llangollen. I dropped them off about an hour later to walk back and with a heavy heart I carried on.

I’ve only been back to Llan once before since we left and leaving was bad then. Leaving very slowly is worse.

With the late start I only got as far as Frankton Junction.

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