Day 3 – Fenland

Yesterday I passed a couple of young blokes on a little narrowboat (about 20′ with an outboard motor under the stern deck). Later they moored behind me at Denver, and asked my advice. Turns out they just bought the boat from Ely and didn’t know about Denver Sluice, or tides. They were hoping to press on but like me they had to wait until 10.45 this morning.

We decided to stick together for the Fenland section not least because I have a windlass for Ashline Lock, and they don’t.

The first section (Well Creek) is quite interesting with views across the fens. Most of the surrounding land is below the water level in the creek and we’d locked down quite some way at Salters Lode so it must be 304m below high tide level.

At Marmot Priory lock Carl and Samson (aka Black the Ripper, see YouTube) got their first lesson in lock working as the old lady lockeeper was detained somewhere and her even older husband has emphasema. The lock loweres the channel to something like ground level, but there are flood banks each side so not much of a view.

Fancy this job?

One exception though was a wind farm near March. It was really windy and most of them were working but a couple were stopped and one had two guys working on one of the blades, abseiling from the hub. See the little black dot on the photo? That’s TWO people.

Later, on Whittlesey Dyke we were heading straight into the afternoon sun. I tried to capture the view but got my hand in the way. Oh well.

I’ve stopped just past Ashline Lock in Whittlesey tonight. I’m booked into Stanground Lock onto the Nene at Peterborough for 10.15 in the morning. Carl and Samson are booked for 10.30 so I guess I’ll be seeing more of them as we cruise up the Nene.

Post edited 7th June to correct Samson’s performing name.

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