Day 28 – This is July?

Jools Holland concert last night, warm up act was pretty poor especially when he mistook the sound system for genuine acoustics and walked away from the mic in the belief we could hear him.

Jools was good but over amplified, especially the brass section. It was really really cold walking back from the field and cold all night in Seren. Still cold at 10 in the morning, but at least the wind has moderated.

Linda due this afternoon. Her and Gill are going to the Classic/Operatic concert tonight but it’s not my idea of a good night out. I like orchestral music, chamber music, solo instrumentalists but opera-style singing doesn’t engage me in the same way. Each to their own.

I think they are planning to eat out before the show, so no dinner to cook tonight. I think I’ll go to the Oggie Shop for lunch.

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