Day 27

A bit of a round up, mostly for my benefit when I come to edit all this into a coherent story for WW.

One of the more important facilities in Llangollen for the small boat traveler is the launderette. I took a load of clothes on Friday and my sleeping bag and pillowcases on Saturday. Did some food shopping too and bought Elsan fluid from W&W (and had a chat with Graham). Popped into N. Lea News and found Nigel has finally retired.

Seren in Llangollen Basin

We had to be out of the basin on Sunday and though we could have stayed until 5pm Nick was ready to leave and there was nothing for me to stay for so I followed. There was a narrowboat leaving at 9.00am so we followed them relying on their ‘scout’ making sure the way was clear. It was such a good idea a couple of other boats followed.

I pulled in at the CRT facilities to empty the loo but caught up with the convoy a little later. About a mile out of town are some free CRT moorings so I stopped there while the rest carried on.

I tried (again) to fix the port side transom fender, partially successfully. After lunch I walked along the canal to check that the potential turning spot I’d noted on the way in was really as I remembered it. It’s a place where the bank has collapsed, or been lowered so that cattle can drink, and created a little bay. I reckoned I could put Seren’s bow on the sand/mud and let the current push the stern around. Unfortunately a narrowboat was moored on the opposite bank so there wasn’t enough space. Walking on I found another similar bay that looked big enough, so walked back and returned on Seren.

We turned without a problem, though the stern cleared the opposite bank by about 1cm. Then I returned to the out of town mooring facing the other way. One of the advantages of a small boat, narrowboats would have to go to Trevor Basin to turn.

Mid afternoon I went for a walk around old haunts (inc Bryn Villa) and had a chat with Paul (?) in his shepherd’s hut workshop. He’ll be exhibiting on the Eisteddfod field so I’ll see what he’s doing these days.

Knackering walking back though. I plan to move Seren back into the basin this afternoon, the basin is right next to the Eisteddfod carpark so it’ll be handy for the Jools Holland concert tonight. Linda (and Gill) are coming tomorrow so getting around will be easier. I might go to Chirk Marina (£7 per night but facilities included) or I could come back here (Linda could drop me off / pick me up on the A5 at the campsite, there’s a track through to the canal. (free but a hassle moving to get water, empty loo then have to turn around).

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