Day 22 – On the Llangollen Canal

Nick had warned me that I’d have to remove all the fenders before entering the Hurleston Locks at the start of the Llangollen Canal. But he has a steel tug and I have a GRP cruiser so I was a bit sceptical. Then I met the volunteer lock-keeper who insisted. I removed the fenders at Seren’s widest point but pointed out that she isn’t parallel sided like a narrow boat, her sides are curved. so at front and back she is quite narrow. Also the sides slope inwards so the fenders hang under the deck. Jobsworth wasn’t having it. I removed them and replaced them later.

I trundled along for the rest of the day, 2 locks at Swanley and three at Baddiley then on to Wrenbury. I’d heard days back that there had been a partial bank collapse at Wrenbury and that CRT and their contractors were only allowing supervised boats through between 8-9am and 4-5pm so they could work on piling and lining the bank. I got to the stoppage at 4.50pm but CRT staff were waiting for the last boat to come down and when it did their would be no time for any more to go up. So another night in the wilderness with no internet. I did manage to scrub one side of Seren’s superstructure and side deck though.

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