Day 2 Old West & Ely Ouse

The Great Ouse is known by various names for all sorts of weird historical reasons that are too complicated to go into here. The section from Hermitage Lock at Earith to Popes Corner where the Cam (from Cambridge) joins the Ouse is known as the Old West, from a boating point of view it’s a bit of a drag. Literally a drag because the top is too close to the bottom and even a shallow drafted boat like Seren suffers from drag. Time drags too because there’s a 4mph speed limit and nothing to look at. Much of the river runs between flood banks and unless you have a big cruiser with a flying bridge you can’t see over them.

After Popes Corner the Ely Ouse is wider and deeper and you can go faster, though in my case not much, Seren seems to cruise most happily at about 5-6mph According to my GPS system.

I stopped at Ely to refill the water tank and then ground on to the Denver Sluice. Denver is where the tidal river begins and I need to navigate about ½mile of the tidal section tomorrow before turning into Salters Lode lock, the entry to the fenland drains known as the Middle Level. Tide times dictate when the lock can be used, if the tide is too low you’d be on the mud when the lock opened. It looks like 10.45 tomorrow, so time for laundry and boat cleaning.

Meanwhile, here’s a photo of dinner, all the major food groups covered and only one pan to wash. I cheated by bringing frozen beef stew from home!

I’ve been making bread too, but I’ll tell you about that when I’ve cut it for tomorrow’s lunch…

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