Day 19 – On the Shroppie

Posted first thing on day 20 as no internet connection last night, and having enjoyed a pie and pint at the Wharf Tavern, Goldstone I couldn’t be bothered rebooting everything.

Started on the Shropshire Union at Autherly stop lock, a drop of 6″ created to stop the Shroppie stealing Staffs & Worcs water. Filled up with diesel at Water Travel next to the lock. It took 2l. It seems that on the rivers where the speed limit is 7mph and Seren is pushed to do 5-6mph fuel consumption is around 6-7l per day. But on canals where we cruise along at 30-4mph it’s more like 2l per day and when I have a day like Friday doing 21 locks and leaving the engine off much of the time it’s down to 1l per day.

The Shroppie is beautiful, a mix of cuttings and embankments means very few locks on the southern section so there’s time to look around. There were a few noticeable landmarks for someone who still thinks of Llangollen as home. Passing under the M54, crossing the A5 on an aquaduct, seeing The Wrekin and then, later, the Shropshire hills. I took some photos as I went but no time to deal with them now…

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