Day 14

Two weeks done. The first weeks was hard, breakdowns don’t help and the whole experience of doing everything oneself takes a while to get used to but I’m acclimatised now.

That said, this morning was slow. I called in at Anglo Welsh to empty the loo and buy a spare windlass, then just past the bridge and on the opposite side of the canal there’s a farm shop, cafe and PYO strawberry outfit. Very swish. So I got some fresh meat (pork steak) and fruit & veg. Strawberries too, but ready picked. AND Llaeth y Llan yoghurt!!! Some people dream of chocolate or sticky toffee pudding but for me Lleath y Llan is better than either.

For some reason I was unbelievably weary with painful hips and legs. So back on the boat I slapped on the Voltarol made a brew, took a couple of paracetamol and went to sleep. Finally got going about 11.30. After that, a good day. My map of ‘Birmingham & The Heart of England’ stops not far north of the Great Haywood, so I’m relying on my small scale map of the whole network until I get to Kidsgrove where my map of North West & Pennines begins. Being a bit short on detail like bridge numbers I wasn’t completely sure where I was until I got to Stone locks. They are in two flights of four, I did seven and found a decent length of pound before number 8 to stop for the night.

Should make Kidsgrove tomorrow, I think, then Wednesday I’ll take the Macclesfield canal to Manchester.

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