Day 01 No Disasters Yet

Linda took me to the boatyard and stayed around a while until I got organised. Started the engine at 09.40 and set off. Weather fine until lunchtime. I stopped for a quick lunch at the GOBA moorings at Paxton then carried on, first in drizzle then in increasingly heavy rain. When I was packing this morning I put heavy duty waterproofs in the locker under the bed. Won’t need those up in June surely? Mid afternoon I got them out. And the workboots, thick socks and fleece.

I caught up with a young bloke at one of the locks, he works for Jones Boatyard and had been dropped off by the boss to bring an old cruiser back to the yard for sale. It’s been neglected a while and made even Seren look shipshape. He had trouble restarting it after every lock but we went through all the locks to St Ives together. I had hoped to get to Earith today as I did last year on the way to Crick, but I’d had enough of working locks in the rain so I’m on St Ives wharf tonight.

Two minor tech problems to report.

The domestic water temp gauge I installed on the dash had been showing 68°C all day (good) Then suddenly went to 88.8e. I guess the rain has got in. The actual hot water is fine though.

Then there’s the mapping. It seems to have stopped around Godmanchester. It relies on an internet connection to report my position and for some reason that was off. On mobile internet you’d expect it to be a bit flaky, but it should reconnect when the signal is OK. It’s fine now I’ve manually restarted it, but I don’t want to be doing that everyday, I have enough to do. We’ll see how it goes.

Next, emails and editing GOBA News.

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