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I’ve written about ownCloud (link to PDF) for Micro Mart. It’s old news now so I set up an old PC as a local ownCloud server. It works as an on-site back-up and means I can access my files via the internet when away from the office. I can also use it like Dropbox the send large files to editors. Slightly let down by still being on ADSL here, BT OpenReach and the ISPs not rolling out FTC as quickly as promised.

When it’s all sorted it will (probably) turn into a series for MM. So much to cover: hardware, OS, software stack, security, setting up Apache, SQL, owncloud, SSH, SSL,VNC…

Update ownCloud was forked in early 2016 and we moved house in July 2016, so once things settled down I rebuit the server to run Nextcloud, which meant I needed new client software on my desktop, which meant I needed to upgrade the OS. All sorted now.


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