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Since early 2013 I have been providing copy for the website of a large IT provider. Most of it is in the form of 500 word blog posts, but some is written to suit Infrographic or Flipbook formats. Unfortunately for my self-promotion efforts, it is all published under the name of one of the company directors. If you are interested in a similar arrangement for your company, or work in PR and need copy for one of your IT clients, contact me and I’ll supply you with some examples and links.

IT Journalism

I started freelancing for computer magazines whilst working in the software industry, first with a piece in Computer Active, then several in Micro Mart which lead to a regular gig contributing a weekly page for Linux beginners, called funnily enough ‘Beginners’ Linux’. It ran for about four years then morphed into Linux News for another two. After 6½ years I gave it up and it is now written by David Hayward.

Linux is gradually becoming more mainstream and being an early adopter (amongst writers at least) turns out to have been a good move. I had a monthly Linux feature in PC Utilities until it closed mid 2012 and have written for Linux Forums,, Tux and FreeSoftwareMagazine.

I have written on other computer related topics for PC Retail, Personal Computer World, CTO (now part of PC Retail) many, many pieces for Micro Mart, and some IT related stuff for the Times Educational Supplement.

In addition to PC based work I’ve also written for Data Center Dynamics and covered IT related topics for several NRI sites.

None of this work is available online, editors who want to see samples should contact me for PDFs or text/wp files.


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