Cockpit Roof (4)

Outboard of the main roof beam are a couple of extension pieces joined by aluminium strips inside and out. The first iteration had GRP cut out to fit around the hand rail but just like the original roof it cracked. Bottom right you can see another roller fitted to the outer section of the beam. These are still giving problems because the roof isn’t as regular as it looks. In some places the roller doesn’t touch the roof and in others it’s very tight.

Roof and main stringers

The stringer is made from two pieces glued and screwed in an inverted L shape so the vertical piece runs inside the handrail and the horizontal just above it. It’s fixed to the main beam with 65mm stainless screws. Screwing into end grain isn’t ideal but when complete the aluminium skin will help hold it all together.

Planing the framework

At the front the stringers’ vertical part is cut away so the flat rests neatly on top of the windscreen. In front of the screen are a pair of thin cross beams making a wide Vee (it looks straight in the photo but isn’t). Everything is too long at this stage while I work out how it all fits together. The white piece is just a temporary fix to hold everything in place.

You can see in this shot how Seren’s hull is shaped, widest just aft of the cockpit then tapered back and curved into the bow. My new side windows lean in and are tapered towards the bow. The top of the windscreen tapers in even more sharply so the outer stringers are going to be tricky…

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