Flash Scroll Blockers

The wheel mouse is a wonderful device for quickly scanning down webpages, but my is it annoying when progress is halted because you’ve scrolled into a Flash frame. I’m getting used to manoeuvring around them but now I’m, seeing more pages with a video presentation on one side and a Flash advert on the other … Read more »

Banking crisis

I blogged something in December about Politics and Economics but I just discovered this video which explains a lot about the banking system I didn’t really understand. Comes to the same conclusion though, we cannot carry on in the same way for ever. Watch it. Read more »

Digital Britain? Bah Humbug!

One in an occasional series of pieces rejected by various publishers… Digital Britain (…or get your finger out minister) If there is one thing politicians like even more than talking about doing something, it’s having their civil servants put out a press release about them planning on talking about doing something1. So much easier than … Read more »

Politics & Economics

Watching our politicians, economists and journalists arguing about the best, quickest least painful way to restore the world economy to what it was a year or two ago is intensely depressing. Maybe we should borrow and spend, or maybe we should save and repay. Maybe we should prop up some industries, or all, or none. … Read more »