Medical Devices

Since the spring I’ve been writing for Net Resources International. They publish online briefings for a wide range of industries and services. I’m not an expert in any of them, but all these organisations use IT so I often get to write the IT related pieces. The latest is for MedicalDevice-Network and you can read … Read more »

Net Resources International

Yet another outlet for my work, Net Resources International. They publish (online) a series of industry newsletters for a wide range of trades. I’ve written pieces for and, not as disparate as you might think, both were on IT related matters. Now I have commissions for, and another piece. Once … Read more »

New PC

Finally built myself a new desktop PC. The idea came about when I reviewed Mac4Lin, such a cool looking operating system really doesn’t belong on a beige box and CRT screen. So here it is… Unfortunately the BenQ V2400 eco monitor is only a review model on loan, it’s going back tomorrow. Read more »