New PC

Finally built myself a new desktop PC. The idea came about when I reviewed Mac4Lin, such a cool looking operating system really doesn’t belong on a beige box and CRT screen. So here it is…


Unfortunately the BenQ V2400 eco monitor is only a review model on loan, it’s going back tomorrow.


“I seriously believe that the people who brought us sub-prime loans all moved to promoting cloud computing.”

No, not me some bod on TechRepublic.

The thing no-one seems bothered to address is, bandwidth. I’ve tried Googledocs and Aviary (graphics apps online) and neither work sensibly here especially in the evenings or weekends. The web is great for file transfer and backup, Dropbox, UbuntuOne etc, but do I want to be writing a 2000 word piece on it when the screen display lags about 5 words behind my feeble typing speed? And then stop altogether when Llan’s teen population get home and fire up MySpace, Bebo, Facebook. and bring the network down to a crawl?