Tracking Seren

A couple of years ago when I went to Llangollen on Seren I had a phone tracker linked to my blog. Since then the app has been shutdown and I’ve changed my phone. So now I have a different app called Hellotracks. This should display where I am, but only when I’m away on Seren. … Read more »

Day 21

It’s three days to midummer, so why am I typing this in my sleeping bag? Beginning to wish I’d spent less time on Seren’s electrics and making the fridge work and got around to fitting heating instead. but here’s how the day went: The usual early start, ablutions, breakfast make sandwiches for lunch in case … Read more »

Day 20

Well, still in Manchester. Went for a short walk last night and found Piccadilly, and Picadilly Gardens sadly all fenced off I think in preparation for some festival. If you’ve been following this you’ll see I had electrical problems back in March (Cambs, not 3 months ago!) The charging is sorted OK but the leisure … Read more »

Day 19

Short cruise from the bottom Ashton lock to the junction with the Rochdale Canal. Just before the junction there’s a bit of a basin on a sharp bend followed by a bridge under a Morrison’s store. So I stopped for some shopping. Round the next bend to lock 84, Dale Street. Which is closed. As … Read more »

Day 18½

Dodgy internet connection last night so posting this on the morning of day 19, but we’ll come to that. Day 18 was spent doing the Ashton canal which consists almost entirely of locks, so: Lock 18 (Fairfield top lock) Made use of the Elsan point then set off through the lock. There were a couple … Read more »

Day 17

I reckoned about 4 hours to Marple Locks so I got organised and set off at 07.00. I paused at Addlington Basin for fuel and water and arrived at about 11.30. One of the reasons I love the old narrow canals so much is the industrial architcture, some of it going back to the early … Read more »

Day 16

Up and raring to go when at about 07.45 a CRT guy came round to give the safety briefing and check my light and horn. Off into the Harecastle Tunnel shortly after 08.00. Steering in tunnels is strange, I keep thinking I’ve got it straight down the middle and all under control when suddenly we’re … Read more »

Day 15

Last night I thought I’d done seen of the eight locks at Stone, but this morning their were still two left. Then one at Barlaston and four at Stoke, though lost count and thought I’d done five. Most of them I met someone coming down either just leaving the lock, or waiting to enter when … Read more »

Day 14

Two weeks done. The first weeks was hard, breakdowns don’t help and the whole experience of doing everything oneself takes a while to get used to but I’m acclimatised now. That said, this morning was slow. I called in at Anglo Welsh to empty the loo and buy a spare windlass, then just past the … Read more »

Day 13

Having a run of bad luck with the internet connection so here’s last night’s (posted on 14 June)… I’m stopped near Shugborough Hall on the Trent & Mersey Canal and there’s no phone signal. I walked along the towpath to find enough signal to call Linda but there’s no chance of getting on t’internet. Left … Read more »