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Apparently MPs, even cabinet ministers, will/can/do not reply to mere members of the public unless they are constituents, so eventually I made contact with my MP’s office and they contacted the Home Office which  replied to my MP whose office sent it to me. This is progress, in my previous constituency my MP replied to every email by letter. When I queried this I was told that it was essential for record keeping as paper letters were always copied before sending and the copy filed. Apparently this is not possible with email.

On the actual matter in hand, the reply is as bad as I feared.

(From Alastair Burt MP)

Further to previous correspondence, I attached for you a response from the Home Office.

I do understand the points you make about end to end encryption, but the technology companies offering these services, must work with the Government to ensure they are not abused.

Thank you for taking the time to outline your concerns in this matter, which I can assure you have been noted by the Minister.

He obviously missed or failed to understand my point that it doesn’t have to be ‘companies offering these services’ any muppet can set up encrypted email.

So maybe the Home Office reply is better?Judge for yourself – HomeOfficeStatement. (PDF)

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