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My first published work was in the Times Educational Supplement sometime in the mid 1990s. Fired up by that I wrote a few more and some for my union magazine, followed by some little text books for First & Best in Education. In those days they produced photocopiable texts, these days they do .pdf. All three are still available, though somewhat out of date.

My educational work helped me get a job at Techsoft UK Ltd where I was support manager for eight years. Back then TechSoft was smaller than it is now, and everyone multitasked. My tasks included writing advertising copy, catalogue descriptions, advertorials and training manuals. Quite often it included the photography, illustration and DTP work too.

I carried on freelancing, doing work for Computer Active and TES, then starting a regular weekly page in Micro Mart which ran for 6½ years. I left TechSoft at the end of 2005 to become freelance writer.

I carried on writing occasional pieces for Micro Mart until 2014*, usually on some aspect of Linux or free software but most of my work is for trade magazines, websites and subscription newsletters and briefing papers. I’m interested in anything technical, but since 2006 I have tended to specialise in IT, energy topics (especially alternative energy) bioenergy and biofuels. In the last couple of years that has included various features for Diesel Car magazine

Since 2007 I have been turning a lifetime’s experience of DIY to good effect by writing several pieces for Good Woodworking and SelfBuild, two books for GMC on Home Wiring and Plumbing.

  • MicroMart closed at the end of 2016.

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