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Writing for computer mags and websites was fun while it lasted but now I just dabble for fun. My IT these days is:

1 Desktop (AMD64, Linux MInt)

1 Laptop (ARM64, Manjaro)

1 Raspberry Pi4 (Nextcloud Pi server) Plus several assorted Pis in drawers, boxes etc!

1 Samsung Galaxy Tab (on loan, see below)

1 Oppo Android phone.

Linda has:

1 Desktop (AMD64, Suse Tumbleweed I think?)

1 Apple iPad

1 Android phone.

The Pi lives out in the shed and runs ‘headless’ ie there’s no screen, keyboard or mouse. The Nextcloud Pi system is accessible via apps on all our devices (but Linda only uses it via her desktop) or a web browser. Useful when boating as I can access files or backup stuff while I’m out. Camera on my phone for example automatically uploads every photo to the Pi when I’m on WiFi.

Nextcloud Pi includes a tracker app, Phonetrack, which is what I use to reveal my whereabouts when I’m on a long boat trip. (See Tracking Seren)

The loan Tab was a surprise. I volunteered to help out at a scheme in our local community centre that leads Tabs to (mostly) elderly people who have no IT and teaches them how to use them. I assumed I’d be helping them on their devices but they loaned me one too to practice on. Very useful as my old Tab was 2012 model and I cracked the screen long ago.

On Seren I have a WiFi USB dongle but rather than plugging it into a laptop it’s just connected to a USB charger port and used to provide WiFi for my phone and laptop and visitor’s devices. It’s tricky finding a good PAYG deal for seasonal boat use, most providers do monthly deals. I use a lot of data while I’m away, but then almost none for the next eight months. The best I can find is from Three who offer a 24GB/24 month deal which works out pretty well.

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