Stern Door – (2)

Health and IT issues have kept me away from the boat for a few days and prevented blogging so here’s a catch-up.

Here’s the new GRP panel held in place with gaffer tape, a clamp and little wooden blocks glued temporarily behind it. Time to apply resin and glass to the back…

While the resin is curing, time to refit the gas locker. Because the cabin sides slope there were gaps that filled up with leaves and debris so this time I’m fixing aluminium plates. In due course it’ll get a non-slip rubber covering to make a decent step.

When the new panel is finished I intend to make a second step on the other side with storage room for a spare gas bottle.

Then while the second layer of GRP is curing time to start on the hatch. The woodwork here is screwed in place but when everything is fitted I’ll take it all apart and replace it with glue and screws.

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