Stern Door (1)

I’ve removed the old ‘bi-fold’ door and hacked out the roof hatch. The port side panel is original GRP, the starboard would have been the same with a small central door and a higher threshold to keep the weather out. A previous owner had paneled inside and out with 10mm ply screwed through. The screws were rusted, the plywood rotting.

I’m going to replace the missing starboard panel with GRP and reduce the door to original size. Or what I think it was.

The hatch isn’t original it appears the aforementioned owner tried to fit one then changed his mind and filled it in with plywood and body filler. Now I’m going to do it properly. The crack isn’t as alarming as it appears, it’s just foam between the roof and the lining.

Just been to buy the hardwood, ouch.

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