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My old desktop PC had been getting increasingly unstable over the last few months and finally became unusable. I tinkered and looked at prices of spare parts and decided to buy a new one from our local computer shop (in Sandy). It’s just the ‘tower’ itself I kept the screen, keyboard and mouse. It’s a AMD A10-6700 APU with Radeon HD Graphics, 8GB of RAM and 128GB SSD . Nothing special but fine for what I need. One slight snag, my old PC was so old it had a PS2 style KB socket, so I had to buy a new keyboard too.

My old PC had a 1TB HDD so obviously 128GB SSD is a bit limited. But the solution is simple, I put the old HDD into the new box alongside the SSD. The SSD has the operating system (Linux Mint) and the software on it, files remain on the HDD. The SSD starts apps quickly and files open plenty fast enough off the HDD.

File Manager on Linux Mint

I use Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi as a file server/mirror device so installed Nextcloud client on the new PC and set it to sync the old Nextcloud directory on the HDD to the server. then put a link in my home directory to the Nextcloud directory on the HDD. All seems to work fine.

Need to sort out the sound system though. The old PC was fitted with a 12V stereo amp powered from a spare Molex connector and plugged into the earphone socket. output went to a couple of old hi-fi speakers. It worked OK but wasn’t tidy, just shoved inside the old tower with a volume control fitted into a spare CD/DVD drive blanking plate on the front. The new box is smaller and doesn’t have room for obsolete drives so I need to make a standalone amplifier case. Something to do while I’m isolating…

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