New Doors

Life has been a bit busy recently and I have little inclination to work in the shed when it’s cold and wet so progress is slow. However the hatchway and doorframe on Seren are complete so now I need a hatch and doors. Plural, we’re having a pair of doors as they’ll take up less room on the small rear deck when open.

The first stages didn’t get photographed, sawing and planing the timber from old window frames and cutting a slot using the circular saw. I think the timber is Iroko, whatever it is the dust makes me cough and wheeze!

This shows the next stage, a recently cut tenon.

Next stage is cutting the other half of the joint. Not sure what to call this, it’s not really a mortise as no chisels were involved. It’s a slot.

And they fit together like this. The over hanging bits will be trimmed once it’s glued.

This is just a test piece but when the frame is finished I’ll fit a tongue like this all the way round.

Then glue panels in each side. The outside one is left-over marine ply with melamine veneer. I kept it when we had the bathroom paneled. It’s coloured and textured on one side but for the door I’m using it inside out. Not enough for both sides though so the inside of the door is normal outdoor ply with plenty of primer on. In due course it’ll get the same Toplac as I used on the hull last year.

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