New Doors (2)

Been a while since anything happened on Seren due to health reasons. Getting better thanks to anti-biotics so did a bit this morning.

The doors sort-of fit but need a bit of trimming. The starboard one is touching the threshold and will no doubt get worse the first time it gets wet and it’s a little too tall so catches on the overhanging roof when opened. Need ‘doorstop’ beading round the frame too.

That overhang is a nuisance. The doors have to be short enough to open under it and due to a shortage of space my combined topbox/hatch cover will extend to the edge of the roof when closed but that leaves a 75mm gap between the tops of the doors and the underside of the box. Can’t just put a filler strip under the box because that would stop it opening fully. I have a cunning plan…

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