Deck #2

Or Possibly 3 if we include the original.

Back in 2019, which seems like a different era now, I replaced Seren’s rear deck using decking boards such as one might use in a garden. The boards are made from recycled plastic and wood fibre and seem pretty good. What’s not so good, at least on a boat subject to rough and tumble canal life, were the joists I used made from the same material.

On my trip up north in 2021 a couple broke where they over hung the transom. In fairness I guess you wouldn’t have overhangs on a garden deck. While I was trapped in Manchester I repaired them with glue and steel tube. On the way home I got stuck at Waddenhoe lock on the Nene and went home for a few days while EA fixed the lock. On my return the overhanging part had completely disappeared. I suspect either some one jumped on it or maybe the bow of a boat trying to moor behind forced it downwards. Either way I need a new deck.

This time the frame is aluminium 50x25mm 3mm wall thickness joined by gusset plates fixed top and bottom with 5mm pop rivets and epoxy adhesive. I’ve been working on it on and off for most of the winter and it’s almost ready to take to Kelpie and fit. Just need to drill some mounting holes to bolt it in place.

The boards, some salvaged from the previous iteration and some new are fitted with stainless screws into drilled and tapped holes in the frame, but I’ve taken them off for now while I fit the fender kindly donated by another boater (thanks Tony). I’ll leave the boards off until the frame is fitted to the hull. More when that’s done…

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